Revealed: Bobi Wine and Museveni’s negotiations in its final stages

Former People Power diehard Jennifer Full Figure, who claims a grateful Museveni has recently entrusted her with mobilizing the whole country, says she has continued to be in close contact with Bobi Wine who she will soon deliver to the big man.
an interview published by state-owned Kampala Sun newspaper, Full Figure alleged that “Bobi Wine has been doing and saying many silly things but all he wants is to meet Museveni.” Claiming in this world people do all sorts of things in order to materially become better, Full Figure says; “We are friends and still talk with Bobi Wine and the good thing is we are almost coming to an understanding.” She adds; “I’m taking Bobi Wine and Joel Senyonyi to the President.”
Full Figure claims too that in the few months she has earned salary serving as Museveni’s advisor with an office in Katwe, she has achieved many things including wooing over many People Power diehards into the NRM, a mission she says will continue to be executed.
Disclosing she always wears nice makeup besides ensuring her hair is neat and well-trimmed whenever she goes to meet the President, Full Figure incredibly predicts that Museveni will be President for the next 70 years. To her, that is the reason why the likes of Bobi Wine should embrace him rather than wasting time hoping to oust him through the ballot.

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obscure musician-turned political mobilizer also says as a person Bobi Wine wouldn’t be a difficult man to reach political understanding with but the problem are the sycophants like Eddie Mutwe who surround him and keep inflating him by repeatedly referring to him as currently the superstar of Uganda’s politics which he isn’t.

She likens the excitement among Bobi’s aides like Mutwe to what grips any upcoming musician when they release their first hit song. That such artistes will be consumed in euphoria and behave as if they own the whole Uganda.

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